There are many software packages that can help with the creative or innovation process. Software generally falls into a few categories

Software Categories

  • IDEA Generation: Brain Stimulation, Association, Sequencers, Randomisers, Brainstorming
  • IDEA Management: Note-taking, Displaying, Sorting, Ranking, Data Mining, Benchmarking
  • IDEA Teamwork: Project Organising, Consensus, Collaboration, Communication, Meetings, Suggestion Boxes

Many programs can be downloaded over the internet as trial software.


When choosing software you should consider number of users, time to learn, cost per user, and how often the software will be used. Weigh the costs against the benefits of faster development times, reduced project risk, and better use of company talent.


Idea generating software is in it's infancy, though progressing rapidly. This type of software tool will become an important business tactic in the near future. In some more novel, or extreme applications, hardware supplements the software to artificially stimulate the brain. Due to the nature of the market at this time we are not recommending any specifically.

For both IDEA Management and IDEA Teamwork it is possible to use standard office tools such as a word processor, spreadsheet, and email. Formal project planners will use applications such as Microsoft Project, or Oracle's Primavera.


For large organisations, there are server/enterprise based packages. There are also cloud based applications, which are being used for collaboration activities.


To find the correct software, try typing one of our categories in a search engine, together with one of the words from the sub-header (for example "Idea Generation, Association, software"). This will at least narrow your search results to be more meaningful. Alternatively, try from this list of specialist programs... Axon, Brightidea, ConceptDraw, IdeasCount, IdeaMatic, Imaginatik, MindManager, PersonalBrain5, Lumoflow, DataStation, Sosius, Creax, and Pathmaker.