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Better Innovation Management
We provide Innovation Management Services and Advice.
Product and Project Managers are available on contract.
We can advise on Talent, Products, IP, and Project Management.

Business Management

Business Management

Project Management

  • New Product Introductions
  • Project Planning
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Risk Assessments

Key Elements

Product Management

  • Product Road Maps
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • New Product Proposals
  • Product Evaluation

Key Elements

IP Management

  • IP Valuation
  • Strategic Reviews
  • IP Expansion
  • Patent Breaking and Circumvention

Key Elements

Talent Management

  • Creative Team Building
  • Project Manager Training (Prince2)
  • IDEA skills training
  • Corporate Change Programmes

Key Elements

Businesses must continually innovate to be competitive. We can supply our own expertise on demand, and help develop your in-house innovation skills...

To become a world class innovative company...

  • Management must realise that innovation is essential.
  • The organisation must adopt INnovation Key ELementS (INKELS).




The first key element is company culture. It needs to be clear to everyone in the business that innovation is important. This may need a shift in attitude and beliefs, and it applies to all sizes of companies. Every individual needs to know that innovation is part of their company identity, and part of their own identity within the company. This does not mean throwing aside existing aspirations of quality, or service for example. It may however mean a re-balancing of priorities, perhaps even rewriting the company mission statement.


The next key element is the innovation audit. The audit will lead on to identifying other elements, including processes, products, tools, and skills. These elements can then be ranked in order of importance, to meet management goals. An action plan for improving innovation can then be made. Typically companies will need to address management of IP, Products, Projects and staff/talent.


Innovation, like any new process or culture, takes time to introduce into business operations. By using UK IDEA, companies can speed the transition into becoming an innovative organisation. We use INKELS and a range of skills to quickly make your company more innovative. We use a combination of applying our expertise directly, and through staff training. Additionally we can save you costs by valuing your costs of creativity, giving you guidance compared to industry averages, and ensuring that you get the maximum return on investment for any new steps that you take. It is our aim to shorten the time it takes for companies to change. With global competition, it is often a faster time to market that drives success. The sooner your company becomes innovative, the faster it will be able to get ahead of your competitors.