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UK IDEA recommends strategies including Idea generation, Decision making, Education and Analysis. These are the four elements in our company logo. If any are missed out, the IDEA process will suffer. Ideas are at the starting point of innovation, we complete the journey with product and project management.

Most companies already have proven business skills. To improve, these companies must take on the responsibility for building an environment that maximises idea generation, and the innovation process. This means that Management must build an innovation culture that stretches throughout the organisation. Ideas can be created anywhere in the organisation.


The UK government concisely defines innovation as "the successful exploitation of ideas". If we take this as a useful starting point, the logical argument is that in order for businesses to exploit ideas they must first produce some ideas. The source of these ideas will invariably be from within the business: namely from the people within the business. So for a business to be good at innovation the people in the business need to be good at producing ideas. Only then can  the business act on these ideas. These are two separate skills: Idea Skills and Business Skills. Both are essential to any company, and both should be part of any plan to increase business creativity and innovation within a company or country.

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    Generate new product and promotion ideas.
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    Improve efficiency, profitability, and cut cost
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    Reduce project times, and provoke new discoveries.