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Activate your true potential
We challenge and inspire you to reach new levels.
Your Talent + Our Methods = Success.



One Hour

  • Executive summaries
  • Conference Talks
  • Sales team motivation
  • Marketing Inspiration
  • Best in Class Benchmarking


One Day

  • Workshops for New Products
  • Workshops for New Services
  • Workshops for New Markets
  • Winning sales strategies
  • Team Building via Creativity


One Vision

  • Create a business culture
  • Build Core Skills
  • Increase IP Collateral
  • Start Innovation Processes
  • Build a Culture for Change


Our Corporate Events range from inspirational talks, to product development workshops...

Few companies spend all their time thinking creatively. They may spend only a few hours every year! Yet in those few hours they expect to achieve world class results.


UK Idea are experts in creative thinking, and innovation. We guide, and work with companies to gain both short and long-term results.




One Hour

Short talks and presentations are useful at conferences, award ceremonies, and in-house training days. They can be for inspiration and motivation. We can prepare industry specific, and even company specific material. Get an insight about the world of creativity, or a researched comparison of your competitors.


"Sales Conference" Example

If your sales team is using the same methods, with the same customers, they will get the same results. To get better results, they need new methods and new customers.


We show multiple ways of doing things differently. Experienced sales staff instinctively know which will work, and are inspired to try things out, and add their own twist. We give different examples if you are selling B2B or B2C. We can present in a comedy fashion (at least we think it's funny), or in a strongly motivational (go get them) style.




One Day

In one day it is possible to create a new product, advertising ideas, marketing plans, company strategy, or brand. In one day, you get real results. In one day, you get the chance to bring a great team together. The team pace forward in the weeks ahead, making sure their ideas become winners.


"Create a New Product" Example

Choose up to 10 people to attend our one day workshop. Give them the goal of creating a new product, and at the end of the day they will have...


  • One New Product Idea (Pretested for further development).
  • Two further backup ideas (In case of external issues or IP problems).
  • A system for generating even more leading edge ideas in future.

The best idea will have passed evaluation tests, to make sure it is likely to succeed as it starts on the first stage of a product life cycle.




One Vision

When you have a vision for the future of your company, it may take major changes to make it happen. If this involves cultural change it will be met by predictable willingness, and resistance by everyone in the company. The predictability, means that the change process can be made faster, easier, and more successful.


"Innovation Culture" Example

We specialise in making companies more innovative. Our approach varies with company size, and with the level of innovation you are starting from. We develop a range of talks, seminars, workshops, and fun events to fit your needs. Our role is to raise expectations about your companies innovation abilities.


Typically we will visit your company, and audit your existing innovation level. From our research we will let you know how you compare to competitors. Working in partnership with you, we will establish a level of innovation that will give you the best return on investment. We will tell you how long it will take, and how much it will cost (both in terms of fees, and hidden costs). Next we will let you judge how effective our methods are, by demonstrating the power of some introductory work with key members of staff.