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Can UK IDEA turn your companies expertise into innovations? We certainly hope so! If your goal is to create new products and services, then our aim is to help you do this faster, more reliably, and more profitably.

We know that many companies have little time to spend on being innovative and creative. This is why we support businesses that need to focus their skills towards innovation. Our support can be as short as an inspirational afternoon. It could be more complex, and span an entire project. Most likely it will be somewhere in between.

How can you make a company more innovative? A good place to start for most businesses is an innovation audit. An audit reveals strengths and weaknesses, and lets you check how you rate against competitors (yes, your competitors are being innovative too!). When you know the Innovation Key Elements (INKELS™) that apply to your company, you can decide on which elements you want to improve. Examining your past ideas, and their paths to reality, is an excellent starting point for improvement.

In short, innovation in business is a process. It spans from inspiration and creative brainstorming, to researching, modelling, prototyping, user-experience, feedback, testing, marketing, advertising, manufacturing, and selling. Each step in the process requires both existing and new skills. You know your business better than anyone else. We help you compare that knowledge against other businesses, and we help you boost your innovation output. This creative boost is achieved by developing processes for your company to use, or for faster results UK IDEA can supply extra resources, such as project management.